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  • The Search for a New President Begins

    July 30, 2016 ~ ABSW

    “American Baptist Seminary of the West (ABSW) is seeking a gifted leader to become its next president.” So begins the announcement from the Presidential Search Committee that is being posted nation-wide this week.

    The Committee, chaired by trustee Rev. Steve Bils, is made up of trustees, faculty, alums, and other leaders.

    With this announcement the Committee launched its effort to attract outstanding nominations and applications from a diverse constituency. “We are excited about the opportunity ABSW presents to potential candidates,” said Rev. Bils. “ABSW occupies a unique space in the world of theological education: we are one of a small number of truly racially and ethnically diverse seminaries, financially steady, and a founding member of the nation’s largest consortium of theological schools.”

    Letters of nomination are due by October 1st and anyone who knows of a highly qualified and talented leader is welcome to nominate him or her. Candidates themselves must submit their letter of interest and CV by October 15th. All nominees who are qualified will be invited to submit their materials.

    Details of the announcement, a profile of the Search Committee, and periodic updates from the chair can be found on the ABSW website. 

  • The View From Holy Hill

    July 25, 2016 ~ ABSW

    The Graduate Theological Union’s multiple centers of learning give it the resources to face an interfaith future

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    The phone rang just as Susan Hoganson, chair of the board of the Graduate Theological Union (GTU) in Berkeley, California, was dashing out the door to a Palm Sunday service. It was one of her dearest friends, a Jewish woman with whom Hoganson has traveled the world.

    During their brief conversation, Hoganson realized her highly educated friend, who was immersed in literature and art, had no idea what Palm Sunday was. “I said, ‘I’ll have to explain it to you,’” she remembers. And that became another chapter in ongoing interfaith conversations Hoganson regularly has.

    “It’s more than learning about other religions,” she says. “It’s having the opportunity to talk with someone who practices a different faith and really understand what is important to them. And in some way it strengthens your own faith by understanding them.” That is the kind of dialogue that is at the heart of the Graduate Theological Union, a consortium of eight theological schools and more than a dozen research centers representing a variety of traditions, including Jewish, Hindu, Islamic, and Buddhist, among others. The consortium and most of its individual schools occupy Holy Hill, a neighborhood just north of the University of California’s flagship campus in Berkeley.

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  • Diversity the Hallmark of Summer DMin

    July 25, 2016 ~ ABSW

    The DMin cohort for the first core course taught summer 2016.  We were 8 people from four nations: Korea, Ethiopia, Colombia, and the United States.  Student projects include:

    • community organizing in Ethiopia against the genocide of the Orumo people;
    • teaching models of biblical interpretation that encourage peace in Colombia;
    • creating communities of faith for Korean international students;
    • developing a model that mimics Jesus’ incarnational listening leadership in Korean congregations;
    • developing a spiritual formation program for Korean immigrants;
    • and creating a Prison Chaplain’s Handbook for California State Prisons.

    We’d love to hear from you today. Email us at for information about our Doctor of Ministry program.

    2016 Summer DMin Cohort

  • American Baptist Churches USA Issues Urgent Call to Prayer

    July 21, 2016 ~ ABSW

    Please pray upon rising and retiring each day, seeking God’s grace for healing and wholeness throughout this country and the world. Pray for healthy alternatives to violence. Pray for those who don’t know what to do with their anger and frustration. Pray for those who have signed on to protect and serve. Pray for insight into what you can do to help bring hope and healing. (Read more.)