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  • For Such a Time as This . . . Lament #3

    September 24, 2016 ~ LeAnn Snow Flesher

    For such a time as this . . .

    (Taken from Psalm 64)

    Hear my voice, O God, in my complaint;

    Preserve my life from the dread enemy!

    Hide me from the secret plots of the wicked,

    From the scheming of evildoers,

    Who whet their tongues like swords,

    Who aim bitter words like arrows,

    shooting from ambush at the blameless;

    they shoot suddenly and without fear.

    They hold fast to their evil purpose;

    They talk of laying snares secretly,

    Thinking, “Who can see us?

    Who can search out our crimes?

    We have thought out a cunningly conceived plot.”

    For the human heart and mind are deep . . . .

    Hear my voice, O God, in my complaint;

    Preserve my life from the dread enemy!

  • ABSW’s New Registrar

    August 27, 2016 ~ LeAnn Snow Flesher


    Anna E. Song

    Registrar & Director of Student Services

    Ms. Anna E. Song began her work at ABSW as Registrar & Director of Student Services on August 16, 2016. She comes to us from Santa Clara, CA where she serves as President of the Santa Clara County Board of Education.  She was originally elected to the board in 2000, has been re-elected 3 times and is currently running for her fifth term.  Anna brings with her many years of nonprofit work experience in counseling, youth education, domestic violence intervention and fair housing enforcement. Anna has worked with a wide range of youth, including those from South Central Los Angeles, Los Altos and Santa Clara County’s Juvenile Hall. Anna was the first Korean-born female to be elected in California’s history, and is the longest serving Korean-American elected official in the United States. As a part of her school board work she also serves on the Policy Development Subcommittee and the Joint Committee on Child Care (JCCC).

    In addition, Anna has been elected four times to the Santa Clara County Democratic Central Committee and serves on the Democratic State Central Committee. She is also a board member of Democratic Activists Women Now (D.A.W.N.) She was awarded the State Democratic Party’s prestigious JFK, Jr. Award for Public Service and has been commended by SEIU for her advocacy.

    Anna is bilingual in Korean and English. She holds a bachelor’s degree in theology and mental health from Franciscan University in Ohio, and has studied at the Franciscan School of Theology at the GTU in Berkeley.

  • How do we respond to yet one more mass shooting?

    October 2, 2015 ~ LeAnn Snow Flesher

    I would like to make some clear statements.

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