Greetings from President Brenneman

August 28, 2017 ~ ABSW

Dear ABSW Community:

Greetings to you all — faculty, staff, trustees, alums, friends, and, above all, students. It seems fitting that I begin my first official day of work as president of ABSW on the fifty fourth anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr’s “I Have a Dream” speech.

I am humbled and grateful for this opportunity to join you, along with so many who have gone before, in helping to fulfill Martin’s dream of creating a truly “world house” of the Spirit, right here at ABSW. Today, as much as ever, the world needs leaders of the Spirit prepared to advance the moral and spiritual imagination of the universe and to help make come to pass, on earth as in heaven, the just and peaceful world lived and taught by Jesus Christ, our Lord.

I especially want to thank Dr. Nick Carter, who served so superbly as interim president. I also acknowledge with grateful spirit, that other “Martin” now among the immortals surrounding us, Dr. Paul M. Martin, who served ABSW as president so faithfully for nine years right up to his unexpected death eighteen months ago. To the entire ABSW team, thank you for your generous servant leadership through tumultuous times, service which I will continue to cherish and rely on going forward.

I am eager to begin this journey with you. Please keep me and all of us at ABSW in your prayers. Your questions, counsel, and financial support are always welcome!

In Christ’s just peace,

President James E. Brenneman