Alumni News

Alum Notes

 Vickia Brinkley (2013) has been elected the 2nd Vice President of the Progressive National Baptist Convention, Southwest Region. She is the first woman to hold this office.

In Memoriam

 Dr. Scott Cameron Thomson (1971) passed away on May 9. In a note that was sent to the seminary, his wife noted that “he was very proud to have graduated from your seminary.” Scott served in various churches and ministry positions including: a house parent, chaplain, and with children and adults living with mental illness and developmental challenges. He was memorialized in a service on July 1 at Mount Miguel Covenant Village in San Diego (CA).

 Rev. Dr. John Townsend (1957) passed away on July 11. John served in several ministry positions during his lifetime including pastor of First Baptist Church of Los Angeles and was a friend and mentor to many. He was memorialized in a service held on July 19, at First Baptist Church, Redlands (CA).