Course Schedule

Courses offered at ABSW are listed below, and the full GTU course listings can be found by clicking here.

ABSW Summer 2020 Courses

DM-5002DMin Writing ClinicMiles-Tribble6/8/20 thru 6/12/20 Time: TBD
BSST-8200Is A Pandemic Apocalyptic?Flesher7/6/20 thru 8/7, 2020
CEST-8200What Was Known? What Was Told?Grandison6/1/2020 thru 7/3/2020
DM-6015D.MIN in ThesisABSW Faculty6/1/2020 thru 8/28/2020
DM-6666Continuing FeeABSW Faculty6/1/2020 thru 8/28/2020

ABSW Fall 2020 Courses

FT-2960Retreats, Mission Trips, Revivals, Camps: Perils & Promise of Leading Short-Term Intensive Faith ExperienceDavidson/ColwellTU 6:10pm-9:00pm
FTCE-4050Practical Theo: Ldr Praxis in BLM TimesMiles-TribbleWED 7:10pm-9:40pm
IDS-6000Seminar on InterdisciplinarityDavidson/HolderWED 9:40am-11:00am / 11:10am-12:30pm
RSCE- 2702Restorative Justice: Intersecting Woman/Fem TheoEthicsMiles-TribbleSIX SATURDAYS Intensive 9:30am-4:30pm
STSP-4900Global Theological PerspectivesDavidsonTHU 7:10pm-9:40pm
FT-1109Theological Writing IKunkelWED 5:30pm-7:00pm
IDS-8101Navigating the Complexities (part 1)ABSW FacultyONLINE
FT-1750Ministry in the Digital WorldMargareth and Wung ValuiMO 7:10pm - 9:40pm
IDS-3260Mentor Project IBurrisTU 7:10pm - 9:40pm
FE-2102Internship IABSW FacultyMO 7:10pm - 9:40pm
HS-8020Baptist History & PolityBurrisONLINE
FTCE-8200Community OrganizingFlesher/MathewsONLINE
NT-8115Intro to Gospels & ActsIronsONLINE
OT-1107The Old Testament Speaks TodayFlesherWED 7:10pm-9:40pm
DM-6015DMin in ThesisABSW FacultyTBD
DM-6666Continuing FeeABSW FacultyTBD
PS-1062Congregational CareMixonTU 7:10pm-9:40pm
HS-1094Earliest Christian Doctrine and Contemporary ChurchBurrisTHU 7:10pm-9:40pm
BAEQ-201Theological WritingKunkelWED 5:30pm-6:50pm
BAEQ-101Old TestamentGuerreroONLINE

ABSW Spring 2021 Courses

ST-1095Theology As Living ConversationDavidsonMO 7:10pm-9:40pm
IDS-8102Navigating the Complexities (part 2)ABSW FacultyONLINE
BS-1250Using Biblical LanguagesSiasWED 7:10pm-9:40pm
IDS-3261Mentor Year Project IIBurrisTU 7:10pm-9:40pm
FT-1111Graduate Theological WritingKunkelWED 5:30pm-6:50pm
FE-2109Internship IIABSW FacultyMO 7:10pm-9:40pm
HS-3221Protestant Reformation & Contemp ChurchBurrisTHU 7:10pm-9:40pm
CE-8249Xtian Ethics -- Social EthicsGrandisonONLINE
BS-8260Baldwin, Bible & Social JusticeIronsONLINE
DM-6015DMin in ThesisABSW FacultyTBD
DM-6666Continuing FeeABSW FacultyTBD
FT-2537How to Lead Almost Anything: Effective LeadershipMiles-TribbleTHU 7:10pm-9:40pm
HM-4015Theology and History of PreachingParkTU 2:10pm-5:00pm
HM-5015Theology and History of PreachingParkTU 2:10pm-5:00pm
HM-1500Transformative WordParkTU 7:10pm-9:40pm
LSST-8300River of Life, Feast of Grace: Baptism, Communion, & DiscipleshipDavidsonONLINE
ST-1095Theology As Living ConversationDavidsonONLINE
RSCE-8201Intro to Womanist TheoethicsMiles-TribbleONLINE


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