Populi FAQs

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What is Populi?

Populi is ABSW’s new student information system, where all of the business of being a student is recorded. Your registration, transcripts, and financial balances are all located in Populi now.

What about Colleague, WebAdvisor and Moodle?

Populi has replaced Colleague and WebAdvisor – everything that used to happen in Colleague and WebAdvisor now happens in Populi. In fact, you won’t be able to access Colleague or WebAdvisor after February 12. Moodle is a different system – it is a learning management system, which is basically an online classroom. Moodle is still in place and will continue to be used alongside Populi.

How do I get to access this fantastic new system?

Currently registered students should have received an email sent to your ABSW email address with instructions for how to log in. The email will come from mailer@email.populi.co on behalf of American Baptist Seminary of the West – if you think you missed your log in email, check your spam folders for that email address. If you need further assistance, see below for how to get help.

Does this mean I can make my tuition payments online?

It does! When you log in to Populi, your balance will be viewable under the “Financial” tab. Don’t worry if you can’t see all the details from your previous transactions – we just imported in your final balance as of December 31, 2017. From that “Financial” tab, you can make payments online using a credit card or electronic check. Instructions for how to make a payment in Populi can be found here. You can always pay by check with Regina in the Business Office as well. Don’t forget – access to WebAdvisor ends on February 12!

Can I view my unofficial transcript there so I can see how I’m progressing in my degree?

Yep – all that information can be found under the “Student” tab. Official transcripts are still processed through the Registrar’s Office.

Will I be able to register for my fall 2018 classes online using Populi?

You sure will – we’ll be sending out specific registration instructions when we get closer to the early registration time, but we want all of you to get used to the system before registration takes place.

Who should I talk to if I need more help with Populi?

You can contact either the Admissions Office (admissions@absw.edu, (510) 841-1905 ext 229, office is Hobart 1st Floor) or Anna Song (asong@absw.edu, (510) 841-1905 ext 237, office is Hobart 3rd Floor). If you are interested, there are also online resources available from Populi – click here to get to those resources. Also, keep your eyes peeled for more information about a help session coming up later this month!