Non-Degree Application

Taking it easy!

So you’re interested in a topic that may not be applicable to your major or graduation requirements, try auditing a course!

You’re not sure whether ABSW is the right fit for you, but you are interested in the school and a program, so audit a course!

Would you like to see if you’re capable of handling a course for a program of interest? Audit a course!

Students who are interested in taking a course and not applying to a program, for any reason, may complete the Non-Degree Application.

To audit a course, you must:

  • Submit a completed Non-Degree Application
  • Provide transcripts with at least a Bachelor’s degree awarded
  • Pay the auditing course fee of $450.00 per course

Non-degree students may take a maximum of 6 units per semester (except by permission of the Academic Dean), and no more than a total of 12 units may subsequently be applied toward an ABSW degree program, upon submission of evidence the student has adequately completed all course requirements.

Grades are not issued to students auditing a course. However, if the student does wish to obtain a grade after the course is completed, they must get permission from the professor of the course and pay the regular fee for the units of the course.

Non-degree students are not eligible for financial aid or campus housing.

Interested in auditing a course? Apply now!

(You should receive one email for verification and another email to open your application.)

For questions, please contact the Admissions Office at or (510) 841-1905 ext 229.