Rwanda Blog 6: Peter Ngong, D.Min. Student

August 17, 2017 ~ LeAnn Snow Flesher


It is another day and the sun is rising sheepishly as if to say that its rays are afraid of trespassing through this quiet area of eternity. Here thousands of Rwandan kids, women and men lie quietly in their graves. For many of them here, they met their deaths suddenly and unprepared. I just listened to a testimony where a survivor said that at the point of death, many people received their last baptism using blood as it flowed from the bodies of those who had been slaughtered or butchered to die.Rwanda Blog 6-1

Ohh!!! For many it was just a glimmer of time to say, “God the father, the son and the Holy Spirit” while smearing the fore head with blood”, then waited for their turn to die.

I have chosen to call this place where these bodies are resting, a city. True indeed, this is their city until Christ comes. And for this, I remember the day we arrived here as a team of students from the American Baptist Seminary of the West. We moved in quietly and with little ceremony. When I returned here for a special day of reflection and a memoriam, I was challenged by the fact that this is another world, where as in the United States of America, you cannot just walked into somebody’s doors without waiting to be ushered in or even given clearance and acceptance.Rwanda Blog 6-2

Wow!!!! Deep thinking here made me this morning to suddenly seem to see men, women and kids coming out of their underground story buildings. The hard blocks and hard cement separating these citizens of their own world seemed to give way as I reflected on the day they were brought low. Low!!! Low!!! Their stories and especially those of innocent kids will never be known or sufficiently told. God are you there????????

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Peter Ngong
ABSW Student
Doctor of Ministry Program