Weekly Touch (April 17, 2020)

April 17, 2020 ~ Weekly Touch


Be still and know:
Exploring Theological education during covid19

Niger Woodruff,
Director of Admissions

American Baptist Seminary of the West is a place to ask deep theological questions, mature intellectually and spiritually, and prepare diverse persons for various ministries and professional vocations. A seminary experience is a concentrated time when you can love God with your whole mind. It is our goal and objective to find such persons wherever we can and to find new students who are alive to the possibilities and promise of theological education to improve the quality and character of life on the earth. The academic, professional, and spiritual formation of community leaders – academics, artists, dreamers, clergy, writers, physicians, engineers, legislators, etc. – occurs in specific contexts.

If you are interested in pursuing a theological education during this tumultuous season, please contact the director of admissions, Niger Woodruff at nwoodruff@absw.edu.

The newly released book From the Heart of a Pastor, J. Alfred Smith, Sr. is a must read for anyone in Christian leadership. The introduction of the book captures the heart and spirit of a humble man known around the globe who had the wisdom to maintain little yellow notepads that will serve generations to come. The book discloses the soul of Pastor J. Alfred Smith, Jr. who sincerely prayed, preached and penned his heart to God.

Pastor Emeritus J. Alfred Smith, Jr. retired from Allen Temple Baptist Church in Oakland, CA after 40 years of dedicated leadership. He also served at American Baptist Seminary of the West for many years in the faculty role and as a board of trustee member.

You can purchase your copy of the ebook at Amazon.

Are you interested in a represenative from ABSW preaching or presenting at your church?

Dr. James E. Brenneman, President
Rev. Dr. Lori D. Spears, VP of Institutional Advancement
Rev. LeAnn Flesher, Academic Dean and VP
Rev. Niger Woodruff, Director of Admissions

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